Saturday, February 02, 2008

Under Construction

My blog celebrates her fifth birthday this month and I haven't fiddled with my layout in a while. She's begging for a makeover, so you'll be seeing some changes these coming days. I've been reluctant to switch to Blogger's new template system...but I'm finally taking a leap. Wish me luck!


I cannot figure out how to put haloscan back in, so until I do, I'm making do with Blogger's own commenting system. Anywho, I'd appreciate some feedback. :)


test said...


mschumey07 said...

Love the new look. I hope you'll be able to get your haloscan working soon.

Jego said...

Love it. Black is just so... dark. By the way, who did the artwork on the blog title thingie?

john marzan said...

hey caffein, i love listening to your podcast. i know it's been asked before, but is that really your voice?

sparks said...




that would be me(l)ora at deviant art. same goes with my profile pic. i actually have no permissions from her so she'll probably kill me for "borrowing" her artwork. hehe.


no...its my neighbour. of course its me! :-p

failed misanthrope said...

Uy! I think we both fiddled with our layouts this same week! Synchronicity! Hihi. =)