Thursday, January 19, 2006

Five Weird Things About Me

Brad Spangler has tagged me to bare even more of myself to my adoring public. Yikes.

1. I wore teeth braces until I was 22. I used to brush at least 5 times a day at the time. Weird? No. Practical? Yes.

2. I firmly believe I was a homosexual African male minding my own business in my own little turf somewhere in Western Africa when a bunch of extremely pale marauders stole me and my young, able body to be sold in slavery. It is even weirder that a gay-looking African male is sitting right next to me in this internet cafe.

3. I fantasize about robbing bookstores and beauty stores on my spare time. I do this in great detail: what I'll be wearing, my get-away vehicle, scouting which items to go for before doing the deed and how best to cover my tracks.

4. I think I'm kinder and less mean than most people I meet, but I have absolutely no doubt that I am perfectly capable of committing murder, and relish it, when provoked.

5. I am able to bend my right hand's pinky finger at a 90 degree angle without my other fingers moving.

So there. Have you been sufficiently weirded out yet?

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