Saturday, January 28, 2006

Discomfort in their Strangeness

There are plenty of weirdos in the school where I teach. Every semester, I always have a handful. Yesterday, after speaking to one of them for about half an hour, I realized there was something weird about their weirdness. It wasn't "cool."

In the school where I come from, weirdness is normal. It's expected, it's even encouraged. If you're not a little bizaare, you're out of place. You're burgis, you're uptight, you're uncool.

I figure, the reason why weirdness is weird in this school is because its repressed and oppressed. Its frowned upon. Students and faculty are supposed to conduct themselves in a certain way. It's as if there were an invisible line one has to follow. Should one stray from such demarcation, one can expect to be whipped back in line. No wonder I feel as though I'm losing my energy, my chakra, my creative and intellectual juices. Maybe it's time for a change.

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