Tuesday, October 18, 2005

When The Voices In My Head Stop Talking

Since I have been in a writing glut for quite some time now, I've wanted to write about so many things; from politics, to my life's frustrations, to my mother, my dead father, my deadbeat brother and of course, the staple movie reviews. Usually my writing process begins in the car. An idea pops into my head and for the rest of the drive my blog entry sort of just assembles itself. As soon as I'm on my computer my fingers move over the keyboard by themselves. Hence the ocasional mispeling and grammaticals error.

Some people even note my tenses don't match. Oh well. Like I said, I don't read fiction (except for my precious historical romances with half-nekkid caucasians on the cover). And since I'm not used to reading fiction (and rarely have the interest except when its set in a foreign land some centuries past with lotsa love scenes) I'm not used to keeping my timeline right. Oh well.

Another hazard of being trilingual ("quintilingual" if you count Ilocano and Pangasinense) is that sometimes I "lose" words. In the middle of a sentence, usually when addressing my class, I would frequently forget the word in English but remember it in French. Or forget it in Tagalog but remember it in French. And since French is my fifth language, I, of course, forget a lot of my French. This hazard also applies to writing. The voices in my head usually speak to me in English, and so, as you will note, most of my entries are English. But increasingly, in the past months other voices have encroached. Sometimes they all come to me in a jumble of languages. How then will I write a coherent blog entry?

Lastly, since my blog has gained a following of 20, I now feel "pressure" to write brilliant entries. My blog is here to entertain, inspire, move mountains. I sometimes read my previous ones (yes those links to the right) and wonder how in the heck I was able to write them. Maybe because, aside from the inspiration given me by my frequent drives in the Metro, I also write when I read. When I read a lot. And since I haven't been reading (except my historicals), I haven't been writing. I should get back to reading. A lot.

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