Monday, July 04, 2005

Of Batteries and Burning SUVs

My boyfriend (who was visiting over the weekend) and I were on a leisurely Sunday drive on EDSA yesterday morning when we spied a thick plume of smoke approaching SM North.

"Is that a building on fire?"

"Do you have a camera?"

"Yeah, its on the backseat. In the blue pouch!"

"This one?!?"

"No, the other blue pouch! It's a freakin' SUV on fire! Hurry!"

He turned on the digicam which quickly conked out.

"You've no batteries left!"

I kept my eyes half on the road and half on the middle console in a mad scramble for spare batteries. We were so close to the burning vehicle we were enveloped in thick dark smoke and the heat of the flames.

"Theres not enough energy in the batteries to keep it on!"

"We're gonna miss it!"

"I know!!!! O crap! It just keeps conking out!"

"Your phone! Your phone!"

"Huh? My phone?"

"You're phone!!!!!!!"

He then whipped out his phone which we both forgot had a camera conveniently installed.

Here are the photos we took of the burning Nissan Patrol in front of SM Annex at approximately 10:30 in the morning. We were there even before the police, fire fighters, the MMDA or media crews.

Scanning the news this morning I found out this was no accident but an actual bomb blast. Read the news item here.

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