Saturday, February 07, 2004

u've got 24 hours left to live (only u know that ur about to die). what would u do with it?

i would:

00:00-1:00 -- do drugs finally...take ecstasy and get high with julia my bestest friend in the whole world :)
1:00-3:00 -- have threesome with 2 willing acquaintances...hmm..let see...who's always been rumored to be well-endowed?

3:00-3:30 -- set afire my old high school, religious of the virgin mary suck.
3:30-6:00 -- parachute over tagaytay and land..err...splash in the lake
6:00-10:00 -- snorkel in puerto galera with friends and immeditate family, hopefully see a shark, swim up to it and poke its eye with a stick

10:00-12:00 -- eat at an ultra expensive restaurant with my closest friends. pig out and chitchat
12:00-14:00 -- slap silly everyone who annoys me. the list isn't too long
14:00-14:30 -- rob a bank, metrobank along timog avenue seems like it would have lots of moolah in it
14:30-15:00 -- buy my brother a new phone
15:00-16:30 -- shave my head and get a huge-ass tattoo of the philippine map on my back
16:30-18:30 -- buy mom a new house
18:30-21:30 -- try to assassinate fpj and ping

21:30-00:00 -- tell my family i love them and give them my old stuff, will see as many people as i can and call those abroad. will give away books and clothes. burn incriminating documents.

00:00 -- die in peace :)

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