Monday, October 06, 2003

even more text messages from him today:

1. asking me where he can find chuck palahniuk books. detailed directions to bookstores, etc.

2. telling me what he cooked for dinner, and how to make it.

3. asking me if i know about this certain grad course at UP.

haaaaaaaaaaay. what the fuck is happening here?!?

there is a cricket in my car. it's been there since friday night. im not particularly annoyed by the continuous crickety sounds it makes...i just marvel at how its still alive! what is it eating under my hood?!? how can it stand the heat?!? im wondering if its...really a cricket...or something else :-/ i suppose it can survive since theres theres bits and pieces of food in there somewhere. crumbs, leftover stuff...who know's whats in there?? theres so much crap in my car its a wonder i can find anything.

i finally bought a notebook! courtesy of my mother of course. i feel so diyahe asking her for the money. but i intend to pay her back by shouldering more expenses. anyway, they'll deliver it tomorrow! i can't wait! :) im turning out to be a pseudo-techie-geek. hehehe...but i luuuuuuuuurve it.

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