Thursday, August 07, 2003

my father died. car accident last monday. he and my mom were driving their fancy car. like a reckless kid, he lost control and slammed against this building along edsa. my mom broke her left arm. last week was hell for me. anyway here is the the euology i wrote:

Dear Papa,

Where you are, no pain endures, no troubles worry, no grief abides, no sorrow should linger. Where you are there should only be comfort and peace and love. Where you are, we, your loved ones gathered here, your friends, your family, remember you and celebrate your life, however brief it may be. Where you are, your pure heart reaches us still. Your kind intentions, kind words, kind eyes.

We are here together in solidarity. We are gathered here today, papa, to bid farewell to your earthly remains. Everyone has come to help usher you in, on a new chapter of your life. And in a new chapter of all of our lives. A chapter in which you shall continue to live on through all of us in our memories. A chapter in which you will be watching over all of us in God’s embrace.

People seem to be at a loss, coming up to me, Jon and Mama, thinking of consoling words to say, something they could do to ease the pain. But what does one say to a friend when a loved one has passed away? There are no words to describe our sorrow in your passing. Just like there are no words to take away the grief and make everything right again, back to how it was when you were here with all of us.

So we gather here today, and embrace the pain. Because the pain reminds us all how you were, alive. The pain reminds us how you will be much missed. How you have touched all our lives however briefly. And so we embrace the tight feeling in our chest for it will get us through the toughest times. I know, in my heart, that should the sorrow remain, so too does love for you Papa.

I know Papa would like to thank each and every one of you, for coming here today to see him, and share in the grief of his family. And so, I thank you. Mama thanks you. My brother Jon thanks you. And Papa thanks you.

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