Monday, May 26, 2003

i caught a student cheating today . he had a small piece of paper with a conjugation table on it. i feel, pretty betrayed as a teacher, as an educator. maybe a bit disappointed as well. have i done everything i could? have i taught the lessons to the best of my ability? well, i guess the answer to that is...most of my students are doing well. i made him a reviewer for crying out loud! this is what i get in return. and this is the same student whose excuse for being absent one time was coz his grandfather had stroke. yeah, very original.

when you're young and you do stupid things like cheat on an exam, it doesn't occur to you that mostly, you're cheating yourself. doesn't it reflect badly on your character? its not just a question of lying to yourself and to other people, but its a question of honesty and integrity. well, i'm filing a report to the assistant dean, then it's out of my hands. i only hope he learns something from this.

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