Thursday, June 03, 2010

Dora the Explorer: Exploring the America's Illegally?

For over a decade, Dora the Explorer has been regaling children in the United States and elsewhere with her tales of fun and adventure. A creation of Nickelodeon, the Spanish-speaking cartoon character now finds herself in the middle of the immigration debate. Last week, various American media outlets picked up this composite picture of Dora’s mug shot as an “illegal immigrant.”

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Marrcoism Experience said...


"A People's History of the United States," a book authored by: [Howard Zinn], a most valued American historian. He's ways of contributing to the history of the American ways of life, is truly extraordinary in his personal ways, of documenting the the lives of human transgression.

A must read literatures for an individual to understand it's human ways, and it's discourse of the United States of America, and its government tyranny.

Marrcoism Experience said...


Brain drain damage.

"He's ways of contributing ..."
should be, "His ways of contributing..."

sparks said...


I think its really just a question of having access to cheap labor. When jobs are scarce, they're going to tighten borders. When there are jobs aplenty, they'll be more 'flexible.' It has happened for the longest time, it is happening today. It will happen again the future. The US' immigration policy only follows the arbitrary needs of its economy.