Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First Article with Blogwatch

I am a new contributor to the Philippine Online Chronicles and Blogwatch. You may read my maiden article "Dear Noynoy" here.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sparks, This is one of the best letters to a newly elected official that I have ever read. And, I read everything. You have laid a path clearly in front of him to follow. I pray he takes heed. Again, well done and God Bless.... Al

Marrcoism Experience said...


I have always admired your write-ups, you have a great sense of admirations. To cause, and to unwind perspectives.

This is the same verbiage that I have submitted to the POC.

In any government planning, the gross domestic investment is a must. Which, Gross Domestic Product is what moves the Nations economy. A crucial and fundamental routine for countries growth. For without any knowledge of statistics, any administration's will succumb to despair.

We Filipinos, should maintain are emotions, to uphold the new administrations that are coming into new term. To praise, rather than setting negatory implications to our newly administrators, and for the brighter future of our Nation.

Let us not hold back, to maintain balance, to write or contact our local representatives with our concerns. This, we must do, as a Filipino citizens or we are stage setting ourselves once more, for another plunder.

Food for Thoughts:
• Plan to write to our newly elected official on certain issues. It is our duty, if these ISLAND's of ours is going to survive...!

• Best of all, I honor and respect our future Elect President Mr. Benigno "Noynoy" S. Aquino III, to rebuild our shattered administrations, for our great Nation, The Philippines.