Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Health Secretary Pummeled by Men in Funny Hats Over Condoms

"To remain rooted in 15th century practices when we are dealing with the wonders of the 21st century gives God a bad name and suggests He can’t adapt to the power and wonders of the intellect He granted man." - Joe America, regular FV commenter.

CBCP legal counsel Atty. Jo Imbong goes head to head with Sec. Cabral.

Then Ricky Carandang asks Atty. Imbong, clearly there is a problem with the spread of HIV/AIDS, what does the church propose as a solution?

Imbong: ......... (coded: don't have sex)

Oh, and happiness, now the CBCP wants to ban condom ads. One wonders why they are not so rabid in fighting corruption.

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