Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sparks - Part Two

From afar she looked like porcelain, fragile and cool. Up close she was much warmer than he expected. He didn't think she would respond to his overtures, but here they were, walking back to their apartment complex in a tense yet easy camaraderie. His chest expanded as he inhaled her scent. Flowery but not cloying. It was increasingly getting difficult to walk straight.

"There's a box of ice cream cake in the fridge, if you'd like to share dessert." He had to try. Although she seemed receptive, he figured her for a shy one. A few moments passed. And then some more. Quickly glancing down he was disappointed he couldn't see her face. The street lights were all in working order, but the trees cast a shadow on her face. His heart was pounding, working hard as he expected to be rejected. Oh well, it wouldn't be the first. But he had a good feeling about this one. He shortened his stride for her, and to ease the tightness in his pants. Down boy, down.

Finally she stole a quick look up at him. She opened her mouth as if to say something, then closed her pretty lips once more. No lipstick this evening. His imagination ran wild as the the shadows broke revealing her full lips in a pout. Oh god. Images of her kneeling in front of him with that welcoming mouth brought a knot in his stomach.

"Sure." Quick but thick with hesitance. Now he regretted her saying yes. He was in no condition to play host tonight.

Her voice was softer now, treading in unknown waters. "I guess this means we eat at your place?" He cleared his throat and mumbled an affirmative. Was this a good idea? He wasn't sure he was in control of himself. But no backing down now.

"Ahhh!" Her grip on his arm communicated the pain more than her scream. Hopping on her right foot, that little mouth of hers were now filthy with expletives. "You ok?"

"I stepped on a shard or something. Asshole hillbillies throwing bottles on the road. Motherfuckers. Die! May you all die!" She was busy inspecting her injured foot. Boy was he as lucky as she was unlucky tonight. He was never the rescuing type, he liked his women independent and strong. But he sensed all wasn't right with her world as soon as she entered the deli - exhaustion written all over her face. He had always been curious about his neighbor of six months. It seemed a natural thing to strike up a conversation then.

"Lemme see." Any excuse to touch her again. Her skin was so soft he had difficulty seeing anything. Breathe Leo, breathe. It was a small cut, but she obviously couldn't go on walking now. One more block. "Here let me carry you." Before she could protest he had her in his arms. The flowery smell was stronger now and him harder. Great.

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