Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Precariousness of Hope

Change. We can all agree that we can probably easily quantify what change would mean for all of us. For me it means not feeling so powerless, not feeling like a victim of everyone and everything. It means being able to live decently and fairly. It means living in a society whose leaders do not make it their official business to rob everyone blind. Is that too much to ask?

From the periphery of our collective mentality, we all know this government is corrupt. This society is corrupt. Our values are corrupt. Most of us know this, and in our acquiescence of the fact we are complicit in keeping the monster within alive and well. Over a century ago, Rizal had a name for it. Over the decades the cancer has metastasized a dozen-fold, eating away at everyone and everything. Is there anything healthy left?

Change. It has to start somewhere. Powerlessness means not knowing how or when or where. Powerlessness means not being able to picture any other alternative. The reality of now is resolute and etched in stone.

Ignorance is truly bliss. Most everyone goes about the business of their lives not knowing the extent to which greed rules this country. The most rapacious of criminals reside in the halls of power. There are no laws. There is no justice. Has everyone gone blind or have we simply grown inured to this fact? Numbed by scandal after scandal after scandal?

I am twenty-eight years old. Privileged to have been granted the best education this country can offer. In me resides the promise of the generations who came before me. I am too young to be jaded. Let me see a glimmer of something. Let me see.

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