Sunday, August 31, 2008


Over three thousand blogposts about the Eraserheads in the last month. Boy, the Pinoyblogosphere has been busy. I thought this was a thoughtful post by Armi Millare of Up Dharma Down (my favourite band of the moment):

On the way to the gig, Keith, Glenn and I talked about how it would uplift the spirits of the Filipinos if the guys decide to get back together after the concert. I guess got ahead of myself there, but I’m sure this was no taboo because majority of us did not see this coming despite secretly wishing for it, the time the rumours started circulating the industry and out.

To our initial dismay, the symbolic return of our pride and hope got cut short. On the other hand, everybody knew it was impossible to get the four back up on stage and it did happen, didn’t it? Above all the factors that sent all of us home, there still is quite a bit of hope. What the entertainment industry wishes to give during these times of absolute low. And sometimes it only happens when a nation is nearly hitting rock bottom, to me at least.

During the first few years of being with this band, I thought that the music was all inward, and that it was all about self-gratification, most definitely not about the money nor fame and thought that it was about making ourselves better people, therapy
for having such an outlet and using up what we had picked up from the bands we looked up to growing up, when in these circumstantial events, there’s that kiss of life that tells us about the impact of music in our lives and what it says about where we are and where we ought to go.

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