Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Interesting articles of note #4

Ever wonder why most comedians are male? Well, because men are funnier than women. And they better be. Christopher Hitchens writes.

Aside from her obvious charms, I knew there were other reasons why I like Beyonce so much. And here's more reason not to like Paris Hilton.

Speaking of Paris, the French openly vilify the sins of capitalism and yet, secretly offer sacrifices to its altar.

Know your sociopaths from psychopaths here.

And the New York Times released its 6th Annual Year in Ideas:

If you like watching UFC and you're a straight female, its probably because you get your rocks off two half naked men "wrestling" each other. Here's to Sporno.

Ah, the prophets of postmodernity seem right on target, from The Matrix to the hive mind of Wikipedia, welcome Digital Maoism.

Oh this one is brilliant. The CIA fashions a Ziggurat of Zealotry to classify Muslims' potential for terrorism.

Dr. James Wilson once told his best friend Dr. Gregory House, "You need to be kind to people, because you need people." Altruism, or being kind when you don't need to, is ultimately self-serving. If creatures on Earth compete to survive, then why do numerous species sacrifice themselves for others? In the end, it's to ensure the group's survival.

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