Sunday, May 15, 2005

More Random Bitchiness

I disliked this film.

It wants to be an intelligent and important film. It is not.

Its a movie. And so, its a make-believe story. It is well-directed and edited yes. The supporting cast is impeccable. You can tell an actor is great when he makes a memorable performance out of a not too well elaborated character. Jeremy Irons rocks.

The film studio spent lots of money for the elaborate sets and it shows, yes. They could have chosen brighter coloring though, but they wanted a "dark" film. The blue hues don't make Orlando Bloom a better thespian. Heck, even Edward Norton "acting" in that silver mask did a better performance than our Legolas. I want my blonde elf back. This role was better suited to someone like Viggo Mortensen for example. And yes, Kingdom of Heaven is too "LOTR-ish." The battle scenes were taken straight out of Two Towers. Blech.

Another thing I don't like about sensitive "stories" like this is it simplifies complex events in history with trademark Hollywood story-telling. The power Hollywood films is that many people in the world who get to see this film will think its an accurate rendering of something that happend almost a thousand years ago.

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