Friday, April 22, 2005

Another plea to a Boy

Seated here on your throne, in this little corner of the universe where you are king to no one but yourself, I wish I could say to you my plea. There is so much I want to tell you but I can't, bound as we are by blood and all the history and baggage this creates between the two of us. I can't speak with you as freely as I would in an audience of twenty, where I regularly implore kids not far from your age of the things I value in life's struggle and journey.

We are fruits of the same tree, you and I. And yet, I hesitate to remind you of how far you have fallen off the path I and our parents would have you take. I know you are your own person and you must learn to live your life your own way as I have, but how can I idly stand by as you while your precious time away in pursuits as empty as the sea of blinking images in this kingdom of yours, as you play your games for hours, as you slay your monsters on this computer screen?

I do not want you to wake one day with regret, as you realize life has passed you by. And it is, passing you by. Would that you could wake from this wretched slumber, where you lay immobile and in fear. What are you afraid of I wonder? Why be consumed with all that you can't do when you haven't even tried?

I love you dearly. But I can't wake you. It is your life to live, your decisions to make, your failures to live by. Would that you were a friend I could be more open and frank with. Then I wouldn't hesistate if my words hurt. But you are my brother, and I your older sister. And there are barriers I just can't break.

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