Friday, August 20, 2004

Male Show / Parade of Synapses

A concatenation of male voices,
Raised in high pitched shrieks,
Seep through the sealed consciousness
Of everyone within hearing distance.
Decibels vibrate in resonance
Echoing off the walls of privilege.
These male voices compete
Against each other in battle.
Which voice dominates whom,
Which shriek echoes loudest?
Male power in exhibition, in combat
Pornographic in proportion
Exhibitionist in show.


Parade of Synapses

The procession commences
In agonized precision
They walk in a long column
Of fragmented brotherhood
Seeking redemption somewhere
Down the road of greatness
The procession seethes
Pulsing with life it struggles
To reach that sacred plateau
In the faraway horizon
The procession marches
Precise destination unknown
Hands linked in fragmented solidarity
Playing music,
Fingers playing at keys of life
Unlocking heaven, earth
And that in between.

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