Thursday, May 20, 2004

I've lost track of the days. I don't know what the date is today. The days seem to melt into one another. Sunrises, sunsets, all melding into a confused fray of colors, tones, moods. Light or dark, dusk or dawn, don't seem to matter when time stands still. And for the last two weeks, the seconds tick aimlessly meandering where they may.

I've lost track of the days. And I worry not. Moments when the focal point of everything revolves around one thought, one song, one feel, come so rarely, come once in every while. Cherish them when they come I say. Hold on to the seconds fleeting, scrambling where they may, heedless of plans, of caution, of inhibition. Hold on to the seconds for as long as
they permit to be held. I say, fuck tomorrow. So incredibly alive we are, only in the now.

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